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Hot autumn getaways to suit all

With many airlines extending their summer season to accommodate travel demand, there's plenty of destinations to explore. Autumn offers the perfect chance to enjoy a peaceful getaway, and with the summer crowds long gone, you can have your pick of the best deals.

Cinque Terre
Cinque Terre

Say 'si' to Italy!

Pretty Pisa, the gateway to Tuscany, is famous for an engineering mishap, leading to an unmissable photo opportunity (you may have heard of a certain leaning object...). Aside from its iconic landmark, the area is a hive of activity including cafes and bars.

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Kos scenary
Kos scenary

Is a Greek getaway calling?

A late summer island escape awaits holidaymakers in Greece, who take full advantage of the warm seas which are steadily heated during the summer months. Traverse the ancient ruins and take your pick of delicious eateries in the milder September sun.

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Aerial view of Larnaca town and harbour
Larnaca town and harbour

A hot flush in Cyprus

On average the sun shines for 9 hours a day in Cyprus; even winter is a mild affair. The most determined sun-seekers will flock to the isle in mid-summer, however, early autumn offers the best balance when it comes to enjoying your time and exploring at ease.

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Sunbathing on the Balearic Islands
Sunbathing on the Balearic Islands
Malta's capital Valletta
Malta's capital Valletta

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