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Weekend Trips From Yorkshire's Airport


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Alicante skyline and harbour, Spain

Perfect for a short and sweet getaway, discover the following destinations available to fly direct from Yorkshire's Airport - hand luggage all the way!

Don't even think about setting your out of office

Cycling in Fort Grey, Guernsey
Cycling in Fort Grey, Guernsey

The Channel Islands

Just over an hour to the south coast lies the UK's answer to a tropical getaway

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Traditional beach pursuits sit amongst adrenalin-fueled activities such as abseiling, rock climbing and so much more


With a coastline spanning over 43 miles, there's no wonder Jersey is a favourite for a 'home away from home' getaway. Make sure to stop by the buzzing capital St Helier, and sample some of the culinary delights.

Dublin Castle
Dublin Castle


Gateway to The Emerald Isle, Dublin is full of historic relics, renowned eateries and plenty of outlets for retail therapy.

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Temple Bar

An electric atmosphere can be found in the Temple Bar district; which comes to life in the early evening, promising a night to remember.

Cornish ice cream | Newquay
Cornish ice cream | Newquay

The UK

Looking for something on your doorstep? Look no further. If you haven't taken the time to explore these UK holiday hotspots, maybe this is your sign!

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Belfast / Northern Ireland

Visit the cultural capital of Northern Ireland, teeming with independent shops and eateries. Alternatively, explore some of the great sights of Northern Ireland; including the magnificent Giant's Causeway.

The coast

The picturesque town of Newquay and buzzing city of Southampton provide a seaside retreat, ideal for a quick and easy getaway without the hassle of driving

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Canals in the sun, Amsterdam
Canals in the sun, Amsterdam


Capital city of the Netherlands, Amsterdam is filled with beautiful architecture, educational museums and historic canals.

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A bicycle ride

Take to the city on two wheels and indulge Amsterdam's popular bike culture, where bikes far outnumber pedestrians.


Home to around 75 museums, Amsterdam showcases its rich heritage at almost every turn, telling legends of the city and the people who lived there.

Krakow Old Town, Poland
Krakow Old Town, Poland


Medieval castles, war museums and breathtaking natural beauty awaits in Poland, including 14 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. 

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Market squares

A hive of activity filled with a mass of colour, the old town squares of Poland are easy on the eye and offer the chance to sample some of the best of the country's produce.

Old Towns

The old towns of Poland are undeniably charming. Narrow streets and cobbled paths showcase Polish history at its finest, leading the way to great eateries and medieval buildings.

Alicante skyline and harbour, Spain
Alicante skyline and harbour, Spain


A relaxed, unhurried environment is a breath of fresh air compared to everyday life. Welcoming travellers all over the world, Spain is a diverse tourist hot spot.

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Sampling the produce

A culinary county with food and wine at its heart, Spain is a hub of dining experiences; from tapas on a cobbled corner to meals prepared by Michelin-starred chefs.

A day on the beach

The sound of waves crashing against the shore never gets old. A short flight to Spain guarantees a warmer climate and breathtaking scenery; the Spanish coast offers endless stretches of golden sands.

Eiffle tower Paris, France
Eiffle tower Paris, France


A city exuding culture, sophistication and style, Paris is a city that's easy to fall in love with. The muse for many artists, writers and poets, this well-known and much-loved city has a rich heritage, making it all the more interesting to explore.

We highly recommend...

The Eiffel Tower

The city's staple landmark is an absolute must-visit when sightseeing. Built for the 1889 World Fair, the 300-meter tower is an engineering feat.

A museum pass

For an insight into French history, take out a pass for the weekend and explore the many museums dotted around the city.

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