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Caffè Ritazza

Caffè Ritazza is the perfect place to wait for arriving passengers or meet up ready for your departure. It’s the ideal stop for a continental breakfast or sandwich to fill up on after a long flight or hot coffee for the journey home.

With seating available outside, between our two check-in areas and close to international arrivals, Caffè Ritazza is sure to be your first destination through the door.

Caffe Ritazza

Where to find it?

Opening Hours

Caffè Ritazza is open from 05:00 until the last arriving flight each day.

Before Security

You’ll find Caffè Ritazza before security on the ground floor of the terminal between International Arrivals and Check-in Hall B.

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Don’t just fill your coffee cup up

Choose from a wide drinks selection that include specialist coffees, tea and hot chocolate, and chilled soft drinks. Alcoholic beverages are also available too. And save your appetite for fresh baguettes, hot sandwiches and snacks. Maybe even leave space for a buttery pastry or sweet muffin.

One Too Many campaign warning to fly responsibly or pay the price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I contact the lounge team directly about a booking?

Please email This inbox is monitored Monday-Friday and we aim to get back to you within 48 hours.

Which cards or passes permit entry to Leeds Bradford Airport lounges?

We accept the following passes into The Yorkshire Lounge: Priority Pass, Dragon Pass, Lounge Key. Please note you cannot pre-book lounges with these passes. It is subject to availability on the day, at peak times we may be unable to accommodate. The only way to guarantee your place in the lounge is by making a paid booking.

How does Meet & Greet work at Leeds Bradford Airport?

After a vehicle scan from our camera system, don’t worry about finding a space, as you’re invited to park in one of our drop-off lanes.

Can I bring ice packs in hand luggage to keep my baby milk cold?

Approved cooling gel packs and frozen ice packs are allowed in hand luggage when used to cool infant food and drink, only when an infant is present. Any other form of frozen substance such as frozen water in drinks bottles, ice cubes or anything else which has not been approved, is not permitted. Please contact the customer care team before travel if you are unsure on what you wish to travel with.

Can I take my Blue Badge abroad with me?

If you need to retain your Blue Badge for your travels, please display a photocopy of your badge in your windscreen. The disabled parking area is checked regularly and your car may be clamped or a fixed penalty fine issued if there is no sign of disabled parking entitlement.

How long can I stay in the airport lounges?

Customers may enter the lounges up to 3 hours before your scheduled flight time. You can remain in the lounge for 2.5 hours, you are required to vacate the lounge 30 minutes before your scheduled departure time, or when your flight is announced as boarding. If you wish to remain in the lounge after this period, please speak to the lounge hosts. They may be able to accommodate you, subject to availability and a small charge.

Does the airport offer a Noise Insulation Grant Scheme?

The airport has offered two noise insulation grant schemes in the past. The first scheme was associated with the runway extension in 1981 and the second scheme was associated with 24 hour availability in 1994.

Can I use an electric vehicle (EV) at Leeds Bradford Airport?

You can use an EV in all our car parks, for pre-booking customers this is at the standard rate bookable on our website. We allow EV's to use our pick up and drop off car park free of charge for 1 hour. Max 2 visits per day. The exit barrier will automatically charge you the standard fare, please press the help button and our car park team will be able to verify your EV and allow you to exit. We are not able to provide retrospective refunds. Unfortunately, we do not currently provide EV charging. The nearest EV charging point to the Airport is GeniePoint charging station, 14 High Street Yeadon LS19 7PP. This is approx. 2 miles from the Airport.